Laundry Services in Dallas and Collins County

We offer the best of professional laundry services in the Dallas and Collin County. Our experts are most trusted for cleaning, dry cleaning, alterations and repair, mothproofing and special care services. Try us!

Schedule Online

You can schedule a pick-up or delivery right here on our web site. Simply sign up for service and find out when the pick-up and delivery days are for your area. There is no need to be home to use the service. Your driver will service your pre-designated location. Just log-on to our web site and sign up for service. It’s as simple as that!

Free Pickup & Delivery

We offer free Pick-up & Delivery service. Simply sign up for our service and find out when your pick-up and delivery days are for your area. We will deliver it to your doorstep, or wherever you want us to. Therefore, you don’t need to worry about carrying your clothes to your car and then from your car into your home. No minimum on your first order and take $25.00 off. So give us a try!

Professional Dry Cleaning

We use the latest technology to dry clean your clothes. We have the ability to remove just about any kind of stain. Our qualified employees take pride in their work so you can look your best!

Expert Laundry

Our expert crew will make your laundry look bright and crisp. All of our shirts are hand-finished. We offer different kinds of starch to suit you (none, light, medium, and heavy). Before completing the order, all shirts are checked for missing or cracked buttons. Replacements of shirt buttons is absolutely free.

Alterations, Mending & Repair

Have a pair of pants that needs a little alteration? We do hemming, waist alterations, fix zippers, mend tears, sew/replace buttons, etc. Contact us to find out all we can do.

Comforters, Quilts, Bed Spreads, Blankets & Rugs

We dry clean or launder all sizes and kinds of comforters, quilts, bed spreads and rugs.

Drapes & Curtains

We can clean most drapes and curtains for a very reasonable price. Please contact us for more details.

Wedding Dresses & Tuxedos

We can clean wedding gowns, prom and evening dresses, and if you want we can put them in an air-tight storage box so you can preserve them for a long period of time.

Leather, Suede & Fur

We can clean any leather, suede, or fur article that you may have. Our leather service usually takes two-three weeks.


We can mothproof your winter/summer clothes for you to store for the off seasons.

Other Services

Please contact our customer service if this page does not contain the service that your desire. Chances are, if anybody can do it, we can do it better!

Duds at the Door

Duds at the Door