Professional Dry Cleaning in Wylie TX

Professional Dry Cleaning in Wylie TX by Duds At The Door

Duds at the Door has been providing professional dry cleaning service in Wylie to cater the needs of clients. We take pride in offering excellent service and meticulous care for each customer’s requirements. With good deal of experience in the domain, we have not only earned great repute but have been successful in ensuring flawless dry cleaning service at budget rates.

Duds at the Door uses the finest techniques and the purest of the solvents to ensure impeccable outcome for everything from suits to designer clothes. We provide service for all your laundry and dry cleaning needs without compromising service.

What is worth mentioning is that we use eco-friendly dry cleaning solutions in fabric after care so that your garments remain green and safe every season. The good thing is that we guarantee you of removing any kind of stains from the clothes.

Custom Dry Cleaning Service To Suit Your Needs

We are expert in washing all sorts of household linen and personal clothing. All the clothes and linens are ironed properly to give you the best possible finish. What keeps us apart from others in the market is that we offer all our domestic customers the same quality finished service that our commercial clients enjoy. We can also mothproof your winter and summer clothes to store for the off season.

We serve the needs of the local business including hotels, caterers, departments, guesthouses, hair salons, restaurants, schools and many other industries. Our operation is pretty flexible. Our team will closely work with you to bring the best possible service.

We take advantage of our Pick-up & delivery service. We can arrange collection & deliveries from your door or workplace. For further details on when and where we collect & deliver from, please give us a call or get in touch with us.

Duds at the Door

Duds at the Door